Programs & Events

Picnic, Plant & Prune (Quarterly)

Youth and community groups gather at the former Latta University site and learn the basics of horticulture and landscaping techniques by our professional volunteers and staff. Here they prep the lawn by planting flowers donated by local nurseries. The end of the day is celebrated with a lunch of donated lunches. When everything is in full bloom, we cut a few flowers and bring them to a nearby senior center where the residents make floral arrangements or create artwork from the pedals. Youth are invited back during the fall and winter months to prune the flower beds and rake the property.

Children’s Storytime Under The Stars

This literary event is held in November in celebration of National Children’s Book Week. This is where media, sponsors, board members, non profit execs and government officials read to children from Raleigh’s homeless shelters, public housing and the public. The children also enjoy music, star gazing, prize drawings and an abundance of milk and cookies. Emergency crisis and resource booths are provided for parents. Our goal is to promote literacy and quality family time. Every child goes home with a stuffed animal and books galore!

Martin Luther King Parade (Jan)

LHF board, program participants and the public have a curbside meet-up at the Latta site. Here we will distribute coffee and donuts and carpool downtown to participate in the march.

The Jambalaya Project (Summer)

The Jambalaya Project (Summer) is a series of music journalism workshops for youth grades 6th – 12th. Our 30 hour workshops are all inclusive and serve youth regardless of their academic level. It introduces youth to cultural diversity through music and the arts. Our program components are carefully and creatively packaged where they enhance a student’s reading, writing and social skills. We touch upon all aspects of music and explore various genres. The final project is a celebrity interview where our co-writers not only get an insight of the interview subject’s career but also a shared personal life experience w. a lesson learned. The interview is then either broadcast or published. Other components are job shadowing, service learning, character development and asset building. This enrichment program has served over 300 youth over the past 10 years. It has received media attention. It’s been offered to various non- profit organizations and schools. Corporate sponsorship has enabled us to offer the program free to underprivileged youth during the summer months.

Classroom & Community Curator (Year Round)

Latta House Executive Director, interns and volunteers visit youth at school, community centers and libraries to educate them about Latta University and participate in hands on activities. Participants are also trained to co-facilitate these workshops and share their knowledge with their peers, family and community. They are also invited to visit the historic site.